The Artist

Kathleen Spencer Johns is a painter, illustrator, graphic artist and teacher. She lives and works in Boulder, Colorado, where you may stumble upon her joyously painting in the foothills. She also enjoys spending time with her two wonderful sons, Curtiss and Kevin Johns.

Born in Schenectady, New York, the fourth of ten children, Kathleen’s stories of childhood are both sadly intense and humorous. This journey traveled bring such depth and understanding into Kathleen's art.

She holds a degree in fine arts from Russell Sage College in upstate New York. Her work has appeared in juried and group shows at venues including the Foothills Art Center, Colorado Watercolor Society, and the University of Colorado Boulder.  An exhibition of works chronicling the life of an elderly friend, Ruth, over a 16 year period, appeared at St. John’s Gallery in Boulder in 2008. 

For over 16 years, Kathleen taught fine arts to high school students at Shining Mountain Waldorf School and continues her love of teaching to Boulder community members. She offers private lessons in drawing and painting for all ability levels and a range of group classes in her light-filled studio in North Boulder.

"My art does not just repeat the obvious but it explores the unknown and the unseen. I look for the magic in life and then share it through painting."

What if the purpose of life was to experience love, joy and beautiful connection? Allow my art to help you experience life in a deep and memorial fashion. 

Kathleen Spencer Johns - Painter and teacher, making visible the know and the unknown to bring forth beauty and connection.