Drawing 101
Kathleen Spencer Johns

Drawing 101

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Anyone can learn to draw! Click on image for dates and times. To register for Virtual Drawing 101 classes please go  here

Virtual Drawing 101

Drawing is a wonderful pastime once you learn the skills and get over the fear of failure. This class is for anyone who wishes to learn to draw. I will take you through the sequential steps necessary for success. The class will be  held on line. We'll cover why drawing is challenging and how to bypass the miss information in order to begin the journey of seeing. We will study contour drawing and you will learn a variety of ways to use a pencil for drawing, comparing and seeing. Join us in this joyful journey into the craft of drawing!

Drawing 101 Materials

  • A computer or iPad
  • Phone that can take pictures to send
  • Pencils (best to have HB, 2B and 6B)
  • Erasers (best to have kneaded and regular)
  • Paper
  • Box (to draw)
  • Bottle (to draw)
  • Shoe (to draw)
  • Printer to print images
  • Good lighting

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