Artist in Residence Show

Acrylic Painting artist in residence Caribou Ranch Open Space Landscape Painting Oil Painting paintings watercolor painting

Caribou Ranch Open Space is an amazingly beautiful place in Colorado. This summer I had the wonderful opportunity of spending the week as an artist in residence. Time was spent listening, observing and painting. Hours were dedicated to watching clouds traveling across the sky bring rain or simply shapes and creating such peace deep in my being. Trees, hill, and flowers constantly changing their visible appearance as the sunlight traversed the immense sky. 

In the silence of the night I heard nature sleeping. Dusk and the early morning brought sightings of animals forging through the vast space. Moose and turkey sightings were my favorite but the birds flying and singing throughout the day filled my heart with a sense of belonging. 

Hikers came and went all through the day with occasional horseback riders sharing the trails. When storms came the folks disappeared  always returning with the emerging sun. I spoke to some people as I too hiked the paths and enjoyed may conversations. But as the night sky overcame the light the place would return to the silence of nature and the animals could feel the earth return to their kingdom.

The show consist of paintings created during this special week watercolors, oils and acrylics some painting from direct observation while others were created as I  absorbed nature through all my senses and responding only with my heart.

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