Painting the Mystery and Sharing its Secrets

Sometime I paint to create a pretty picture but most of the time I paint to create a visual image that carries a deep connection to a person or place. In order to imbue the work with an inner power of presence I need to go deep with in myself and experience the unseen. From here I search for a truth and beauty that lies beneath the visual. Painting is the process of searching for both the visual reality and the unobservable depth that secretly exists and can only be known through the heart. Everything then goes into the painting and it is only finished when both the visual and the unobservable are combined into one. I can see the painting but more importantly I can feel the emotional journey and the discovery within the boarders of the piece. When I show a painting this depth is there for all to experience. Paintings are not paint on the canvas but an emotionally charged inner power and a visual delight. Selling a painting means that this power gets to be shared intimately with the buyer and all who come to it in its new place. The painting continues the journey of connecting others to this deep unknown and is no longer silent. Connection to this mystery and sharing it with others, this is why I paint.

So with the sale of Out of the Earth I know it’s powerful secrets live on.

But sometimes a painting can do even more and in this case, Out of the Earth, will also help the Taos Pueblo as 25% of the sale will be put in a Lillian Romero fund to help elders.



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