A Great Way to Feel

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We all struggle from time to time with the blues. The fix for sadness could be hanging right on your wall. Paintings are carries of deep emotion as well as visual intrigue. This is a winning combination and could be just what the doctor ordered. If you have paintings on your wall go and stand in from of one and feel what emotion hits you. It might carry joy, love, or calm. Is this the remedy you need? If it is stay with this painting and absorb thru your eyes and heart this healing. 

Painting are so much more then something to match your couch. They are transmitters that are ready to help you all day everyday.

Here is a trick next  time you are in a gallery or studio stand in front of a painting that draws your attention. As you stand there view the painting without words, just let your eyes dance thru the painting. Then check in with your heart. How did this painting make you feel. Something in that painting attracted you to it and provided you with an emotional gift. Now go stand in front of a painting you don't seem to like. View and feel this painting too. What feeling does it create in you?

Paintings don't all have to make you feel happy. There may be a need for compassion, focus, or determination in your life. Find paintings that carry the emotion you need.

So now think about how you want to feel in your life and the next time you stand in front of a painting that moves you buy it. This painting is medicine for you.

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