Portraits are Magical | Paintings Portraits | Portrait commissions

Portraits are Magical | Portrait Paintings | Portrait commissions

Paintings Portraits. My art does not just repeat the obvious but it explores the unknown, the unseen and the magic. In portrait painting I think it is important to search for the essence of my sitter, for the deep and beautiful person. Slowly as I search for the shapes and colors of the face I am entering inward to the pure self and bring it into the painting for all to see and feel. Tapping into the inner beauty of a person is like falling in love with that person. I become so aware of their magnificence and by painting this magnificent all who view the picture can get a glimpse of this extraordinary person and they to can have a moment of pure love for them. I imagine that when a portrait is admired by another in someway that person is holding the sitter in reverence and this energy finds its way back to the sitter as a special honoring, maybe like blowing them a sweet kiss. The sitter also gets a peek into their unique beauty as they look into the depths of themselves in their own portrait. If one can see their glory if even for a moment they then have a better understanding of their beauty and can chose to bring that into the world in a more confident manner.

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