Taos Dreams

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Sitting on my Grandma’s couch, with her wrinkly hand in mine, might have been the first time I realized how important old people were to me. I have had many amazing experiences with elders since then and I am so grateful for the love wisdom and courage they shared with me. Lillian Romero of the Taos Pueblo spent her life dedicated to helping elders. She didn’t just do the little things she went big. Because of Lillian's tireless efforts the Taos Pueblo now has a beautiful senior center that bring Taos Pueblo Seniors together for community meals and activities. Lillian could have retired many years ago but her dreams for the elders drove her to continue on. One dream that she was working towards was an expansion into a full adult-daycare center and nursing home. Lillian passed away before that dream could be realized.

In her life Lillian never gave up so I am donating 20% of the proceeds of all Taos Paintings sold to a Lillian Romeo fund to help continue her dreams for the Taos Pueblo Seniors.

The show, Taos Dreams, can be viewed at the Art Garage 1345 Linden Avenue during the Boulder Open Studios, October 7-8 and 14-15. The doors will be open from noon till 6pm on all four days. Please come by and enjoy images of the Taos Pueblo.

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