The Mystery of Painting Part 1 | Landscape Painting | Landscape painter

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The Mystery of Painting Part 1 | Landscape Painting | Landscape Painter

A painting can be clear as day in meaning or ambiguous, inviting many possible interpretations. The painted picture can easily become a window into the past, but can it foretell or glimpse into the future?  We know it can most certainly impact an amazing sense of wonder and mystery and at the same time be simply full of beauty.

A plain air painting done of a beautiful landscape reflects the moment. It is a slice of time, a part of a particular day in a particular season of a particular place. It is painted in the present moment. The next day the painting becomes part of the past, part of history. As the years continue forward, the painting forever reflects that one particular moment from that day long ago. For the artist, it is her memory but for the world, it is a special slice of time and place. For as long as the painting exist there will be this window into the past.  This painting, which was painted on Sunday the 7th of May 2017, will always be a peek into a special place in Boulder, Colorado on that spring day as the greening of new life is returning. Anyone viewing this piece is briefly transported back to moment in time.

Some paintings, on the other hand, are painted in the moment but are painted to reflect the past. Maybe to document a person or an event. An artist who paints such an image feels deeply that this particular time or event should be remembered and creates a painting to share the story of a time gone by. There are numerous historical paintings of battles, high points of a society or special people have done of a past to be remembered now and long into the future. Picasso’s Guernica is a moving example. This painting created after the bombing of Guernica is a testament to the atrocities of war Future generations are always reminded, through viewing this piece, of the savageness of war.  A visual peak into the past to move people to a better future as often done with a crystal ball.

So paintings can be the window that forever opens to the bast but can they predict or foretell the future? I will look into that next blog, stay tuned.

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