The Mystery of Painting Part 2

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 The Mystery of Painting - Part 2 | Abstract Art | Commissioned Art | Painting

The most exciting magic and mystery of painting is the peek into the future. How the painting can reveal the future is something that may be unexplainable.  Most intriguing to me is how an artist often without any consciousness about the future paints an image that opens a window to the future. Often these images are not discovered as the accounts of the future until one has the opportunity to look back after the history has manifested. The painting is then acknowledged to have revealed this future story. An artist and the many viewers can miss this connection between the art and the future but the mysterious connection can surely be there. I remember a painting a friend did that on first look was a nice normal painting. The image was of the back of a woman walking toward a door that was aglow with light. It turned out that it was her last painting as she was killed shortly after that. Maybe this was a coincidence, or maybe this was a foretelling of her death. I wish I had a copy of that painting to show you but since I don’t I will tell you a story that happened to me.

I remember a time when I did an abstract painting with broken pieces of tree branches. The painting was done with bright orange, yellow, and red acrylic paint. After I completed the piece I really like the image and the power it evoked. A few days later a wildfire started in the hills above my home. Upon returning to my studio, after word of the fire, the painting caught my eye. To my horror, the image now looked to me like a tree burning with fire everywhere. In a slight panic, I immediately started repainting the image. I was not at all thinking that this painting predicted the future event, only that now the painting to me was scary and carried such destructive power. I chose blues and white acrylic and quickly started repainting the piece. I found small crystal-like stones that I added to the painting as well. Viewing the new interpretation of the painting I was calmer and less fearful. I did not expect what happened the next day. The temperature dropped and the rain started falling, putting out most of the fire and containing it to a small area. This time the painting and the future event was not lost on me. But what was going on was a mystery. This painting seemed to reveal the future in two dramatically different versions. This got me to wondering, how many paintings are windows to the future or reveal something of that mystery and magic of life? The idea of what is the painting saying had a whole new and much deeper meaning to me. Art is a magical mystery and when you are moved by a painting and there is no obvious reason, maybe you are connecting to its hidden meaning. Take the painting home, if you can, and let it slowly reveal it’s truths.

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